find & buy

The full service offer for home buyers and investors alike that is individually tailored to meet your requirements.  

This service does not have a time limit, but generally speaking my client’s will successfully purchase anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

Costs are fixed after an initial consultation.



To find a great property, first we identify what you need and how that aligns with your budget.

Together we will define search criteria that include suburbs of interest, your budget, the type and style of property you prefer and everything else that is important to you.

Then the real work begins...for me!  I will work full-time to find properties that match your requirements, attend inspections and evaluate them before recommending only the best matches.  

At the same time, I will be talking to agents about off-market and pre-market listings, using my wide reaching network to your advantage.

due diligence

With a preferred property identified, I conduct and coordinate all due diligence on the property, to identify any issues that will adversely affect your decision to buy, such as;

  • attending the building and pest inspection

  • reviewing the strata report

  • reviewing council development plans & proposals

  • investigating works and infrastructure issues such as West Connex

  • flight path assessment

Whilst I am working on this, I will still be shortlisting, inspecting  and reporting on new potential properties for you also. 

buying strategy

Will the vendor sell prior? Does the agent run all his campaigns to auction?  Who else is looking at the property and how competitive will the purchase be?  

Knowing the answers to questions like this, allows me to advise you on the best buying strategy and put this in motion. I will negotiate on your behalf to secure the property as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.  If a property goes to auction, I will bid on your behalf.  

After exchange I will be on hand till settlement to ensure the transaction completes smoothly.