Are You Looking To Buy In The Inner West?

Good thinking, as it is still the most affordable pocket in Sydney within the 10km radius of the CBD. As I buy in this area on a regular basis I wanted to share my top tips of buying well in this great part of town;

  • In the Inner West, more than any other pocket in town, WestConnex is wreaking havoc. You cannot rely on the information an agent gives you and this billion dollar project can have a significant impact on a property’s value, so make sure that the home you are interested in buying is not affected. There are maps online and Facebook forums where plans are discussed by concerned locals, so check them out before making an offer. 
  • Check out transport links to the CBD. Suburbs with multiple public transport options generally are more stable in a down market, so even if you are not reliant on a train or bus to get to work, your potential future buyer may well be looking for them. 
  • Talk to council. Whilst several councils (although all under the Inner West banner, they are still running their own show for now) have their Development Applications and Planning Registers available online, it is always worth talking to them directly. Ask them specifically whether there is anything in their file that could adversely affect your possible enjoyment of the home. Not long ago, a duty planner told me about contaminated land on a property that I was evaluating for clients (read more here) which wasn’t in their online file of the property…. So it is well worth a phone call.
  • Check out the local schools, even if you don’t have any children (yet). Popular public schools can add serious $$$ to the value of a home, so make sure to check out the school catchment as this is true for both primary and secondary schools. Websites such as Schoolfinder are a good place to start.
  • If it sounds like doing all this research is full time job, remember it is…Mine! So feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss your Inner West home buying needs.