Where Did All The Good Guys Go?

I became a Buyers Agent in 2008, but since I started working in this field, the market has become quite crowded with inexperienced operators, who have joined the industry in an effort to make this their new career.

As it's very easy to join this industry (not much studying is needed), and even less experience is asked for, I find it baffling to see what some operators are doing.

I bought my first property at the age of 22 in Brighton, UK. The mid nineties were heady times in British real estate and after doing a quick make-over I realised my little apartment was worth double what I had paid for it. I knew that I was onto something and I proceeded to sell and renovate one property a year for the next decade. I only did one a year as I still had a 'proper' job to hold down too!

Every home I bought, I learned a bit more about what buyers were really asking for and what worked better in some areas than others. It was there that I got my first true insight into the real estate market.

After coming to Australia I knocked on the door of one of the first buyers agencies in Australia. They gave me a full year of intensive training, I wasn’t allowed any clients until they were satisfied that I had the skills — and even then they were closely involved in the process. This training, along with my previous property buying, has been the foundation upon which I have been able to expand my experience.

You see, unlike any other job, where a degree or certificate sets you up to do the job, with buying property, you can only improve and build on this theoretical knowledge by actually being out there for your clients. Every real estate transaction and every selling agent out there is different, and unfortunately a lot of buyers agents out there are currently using their clients as guinea pigs to improve their skills.

So rather than put the emphasis on asking how quickly your buyer’s agent can help you buy, ask them how long they have been buying and ask them to show you some examples of their recent purchases. Only then can you know if they are the agent for you. After all, anyone can buy a property quickly... but buying well and knowing why you’ve bought well is something only a good buyer’s agent can help you with.