Buyers Agents 101

Buyers Agents 101 - A few insights from a Sydney expert.

Michelle May is an independent Sydney buyer’s agent. For more than a decade, Michelle has been the local Sydney buyer’s agent who will help you buy your next property. Operating in the Inner West and Eastern suburbs only, she is well-equipped to manage the buying of the property you seek and deliver a highly personalised service for you. She has a network of selling agents, mortgage brokers and solicitors which she liaises with, so you have the assistance you need in successfully buying that dream property.

Find your buyer’s agent first, not your home!  

There is no denying that buying a home is an emotional decision.  But, typically in life, any major financial decisions based on emotion will increase your odds of making the wrong decision and possibly costing you a lot of money.  When it is all said and done, researching for the right agent is not as fun as searching for homes but in the long run your wallet will probably thank you, with this highly specialised purchase you’ll benefit from having a buyer’s agent help you through the journey. The most important first step to protecting yourself is not to do the process alone and have an experienced, Sydney local expert buyer’s agent looking out for your best interest.

Use a buyer’s agent network to help you find your dream property.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This is a saying that is especially true when it comes to the property market anywhere in the world.

Enlisting the services of a property buying agent can give you access to a wider variety of properties for sale, some of which might not even be advertised anywhere. This gives you a clear advantage since you now have access to properties unavailable to other buyers.

If you are looking to purchase an investment property, having more options can be very profitable since your buyer’s agent can seize upon properties before other buyers join in and force the prices to go up.

While a buyer’s agent has a fee, they can actually save you money.

With their extensive research, you will be able to save money. Buyers agents know what exactly is going on in the real estate market, it’s their job!

Even if you have found your dream property, the experience of agreeing on a price and promise can be quite intimidating, and you might not be able to negotiate the right terms for yourself. A buyer’s agent works on your behalf and therefore, knows your interests and will be able to get the right terms on that property for you.

They have more knowledge of what the right price entails in relation to the current property market. With a buyer’s agent on your side, you will be able to save money when buying a property. The truth is that a property buying agent can help you save much more money than you would imagine. Buyers agents are experts when it comes to deals and negotiation. As such, they can help you get the best price for the type of property you desire.

Buyers agents don’t sell to their clients. 

One of the lesser understood parts about a buyer’s agent is that it’s their job to help their clients (the buyers) make better decisions when choosing the right property, and this means, they’ll reject many properties over the course of working with their clients, and possibly even advise clients NOT to buy a certain property if it doesn’t line up with their expectations.

Most real estate agents will do their best to sell them on the property listed. Often all the positives and good stuff about the property would be highlighted, whilst the negatives or other drawbacks are downgraded or hidden. 

After all, their job is to find a buyer for the seller's property and they are expert objection handlers.

But as a professional buyer’s agent, it doesn’t work like this. Sometimes if a client is excited about a property, it will be Michelle who advises them AGAINST if it is not the right opportunity for them. 

Ultimately a buyer’s agent is there to help through the entire journey, eyes wide open!

Still have questions? Get in touch with Michelle May, your boutique premier Sydney buyer’s agent today!